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Tarbiyyah Terrace


Articles, learning aids, etc.

pertaining to

the rearing of Muslim children

Tarbiyyah Tools
Handy learning aids to help
train/teach little Muslims

How To Make Wudu
Learn how to make wudhu,
insha Allah,
with this color wall poster.
*Post above the sink where
you make wudhu
*Laminate for messy
wudhu makers (big and small)

click here to download file

Wudhu Sequencing Activity
Based upon the Wudhu chart,
a simple sequencing activity
(Put the steps of wudhu in order)

click here to download file


Duaa Wall Signs

Use these colorful wall signs (letter size)
to help your family remember
 to remember Allah as you go
about your busy days, insha Allah
More to come, insha Allah

Duaa for Waking Up

Duaa for going to sleep

Duaa for Entering Bathroom

Duaa for leaving bathroom

Duaa for entering house

Duaa for leaving house


Ruling on Hitting Children


Is it permissible in Islam
to hit children as a form of punishment/discipline?
Read a fatwa on this issue from Shaykh Al-Albaani(rahimullah)
Download from:
Also visit them for more articles on issues of Tarbiyyah!
Great Resources, masha Allah!
Age of Distinction

The age of distinction (7-10) and rules of privacy

View at: Calgary Islam

Coming Soon, insha Allah:
Modifying Behavior/
Teaching Adab
with the
Quran and Sunnah:
A Mother's Notebook
(A Talibiddeen Jr. Publication)
Ayaat and ahadith you can use to
reinforce/teach adab, insha Allah.
Plus activities to use them in.
Numayr ibn Aws said,
 "They used to say,
 'Correct action is a gift from Allah,
but adab comes from the parents."
(Al Adab Al Mufrad, Bukhari 5:51:93)
Take a peek at these excerpts:

Eating Etiquette

Bathroom Etiquette

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