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History Highway

Here you will find links to free
            • history texts,
            • activities, 
            • e-books (living books) and more!

I am in the process of adding lots of resources, insha Allah,

so please be sure to check back often (and soon),

as these are just a few of the resources I have collected

over the years.

General History Resources

Entries arranged by date added,

newer entries appear at the top of each section


Islamic History

Lots of resources and also includes links to muslim history sites.

(added 5/19/06)


World History


Offers unit studies, including history ones such as Ancient Greece, China, Egypt and more. You can get access to these by subscribing or try their 3 day Free Trial.  (added 5/19/06)


Lots of neat ideas/hands on activities to supplement your history studies ( I think the grade level is 6th but of course you can adapt to fit your required levels, insha Allah. (added 5/19/06)



FREE. From ancient history to present. Excellent foundation from which to build your history program and Islamicize it with your own materials(living books, videos, Quran, etc) (added 5/19/06)


interactive online activity where kids read clues to find out the mystery place or civilization. (aded 5/19/06)


History Resources  by Time Period/Events
M-F 3:30
Ancient Greece
Age of Discovery


Middle Ages
American History
General American History Resources
  • A Short History of the United States (an old textbook):
  • An Outline of American History, Free Online History Course. Don’t have the link handy,  it's from Sweet Haven Publishing Services 


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