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Journal writing?




Handwriting, penmanship, whatever you call it, is sometimes tough to "teach."

I have found that providing consistent, guided daily handwriting practice can improve handwriting and in less time than you would think.  The key, however, in my experiences is that you have to be...uh uh, possibly a homeschooler's most hated (and unattainable) word....CONSISTENT.


When I started being consistent, the results paid off in less time than I would have imagined, masha Allah


Another key that I have found is to not acccept inferior work in any "subject," ever even if it has to be done over and over and over and over again.


By being consistent and only accepting legible, neat work, I found that my children's handwriting improved greatly, masha Alllah and in just a few weeks or even less. 


Here are some ideas to go from chicken scratch to legible, neat writing, bi-ithnillah:


Copybook is very popular with many homeschoolers. Children start off by copying letters than progressing to words, sentences, and then paragraphs. The material came be from product labels, books they are reading from, works of  literature,  ahadith, the Quraan, anything really.


I branched off from these ideas a bit and began to provide themed writing practice.  I pull themes together from my children’s interests or from Islamic themes and make up little writing practice sheets. You can find a few of them below:


(Check back regularly as I plan to add more insha Allah)


These pages have handwriting practice, plus extras  such as drawing, list making, reading a story, etc.



Alphabet & Word Practice

M is For Masjid

Word Practice


5 Daily Prayers (Names)

Sentence Practice

The Kabah is My Qiblah

We pray five times a day

Journal Activities for Older Kids
(~10 and up)

Features the copying of Quranic Ayaat, Ahadith,
and other writing activities
 (Islamic and non-Islamic)

Journal Activities-May2006

Journal Activities: April 2006


The Writing Process can be seen as five steps:



Gathering of  ideas



Use prewriting ideas and begin to compose



 add, delete, move around



mechanics: check spelling, grammar, punctuation



Strut your stuff (Final Copy)


Below are some resources

that may aid you in teaching

 your children composition:

Happy Writing!



The Writing Game


Well it probably won’t keep your "students" entertained for hours on end, but you can use this activity to help walk your students through the writing process or if they are too big for games, you can use the writing game cards as a writing handbook to use as they write.

The Writing Game

Cards for the Writing Game

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