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Islamic Learning Aids
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Islamic Learning Aids
(lessons, posters, and other learning aids
coming soon insha Allah

Islamic Software

Noble Qur'aan

The Noble Qur.aan
English translation by

Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan;

 In association with Darussalam Publishers,

 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

 HTML HELP (file extension .CHM)


19.3 Mb


Go to Fatwa-online Download page


Tafsir Ibn Kathir

English translation of Tafsir Ibn Kathir. 


Format: Help file format

Size: unavailable

Download link: **Note: Link does not

currently work, but I am leaving this

entry on in the event that I find

updated information insha Allah.


Al Adab Al Mufrad

A Code For Everyday Living:

The Example of the Early Muslims

 by Imam Al-Bukhari


Topics include: 

 Parents, Ties of Kinship,  Neighbours,

Responsibility , Correctness , and many


File Size: 362 kb

File format: help file format

Download at: Islamic-Download


The Prophet's Prayer

The Prophet's Prayer - v3.13 
consisting of: 
The Prophet's Prayer by Shaykh al-Albaanee 
The Prophet's Wudhoo
by Fahd ibn 'Abdir-Rahmaan ash-Shuwaib and other books!
- HTML HELP (file extension .CHM)
format (size = 3.46mb)

Download from here (

Stories of the Prophets

English Translation of

Ibn Kathir's

"Stories of the Prophets"

Download at:

Islamic Articles

Islamic Studies Resources
 around the 'Net

THM Sadaqa Group
offers homework assistance,
online Islamic Studies classes,
and more!

Yemen Links
Arabic resources,
Muslim homeschooling resources

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