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Preschool Curriculum
(under construction)

 Links to helpful preschool sites

The lists are arranged in the following categories:  Online Stories/Presentations, Online Games/Interactive Activities, and Worksheets/Activities
Currently there are two subjects: Alphabet Recognition and Math Concepts


Online Stories/Presentations:
ABC Mommy & Me: An online alphabet book @ lil-fingers.com
Alphabet Action: click on a letter to see a animated picture that starts with that letter@LearningPlanet.com
These are the Letters of the Alphabet: online alphabet book
Alphabet Animals: animals that begin with letters of the alphabet
(Another) Alphabet Animals: click on a letter to see animals that begin with that letter, with sounds
Alphy's Alphy-bet: click on a letter to see a word that begins with that letter
A Muslim Alphabet

Online Interactive/Games Activities
Alphabet Soup: click on a letter of the alphabet to see food that starts with that letter
Match Lower/Uppercase: match the upper case letter with its lower case

Tracing Letters (A-Z)
Circle correct letter: rows of letters, circle a certain letter (uppercase and lower case)
Letter Printouts: page for each letter of alphabet with large letters (cap & lower) and pictures
Color/Tracing/Writing: worksheets for each letter of the alphabet with coloring, tracing, and recognition activities

Useful Websites
Listing of Online Alphabet Books


Number Recognition & Counting
Counting 1-5: circle the correct number: a number of objects given, circle the correct number@beginningreading.com
Counting 6-10: circle the correct number a number of objects given, circle the correct number@beginningreading.com
Number Tracing: (1-10): number tracing, one number per worksheet@beginningreading.com

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