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ď  Talibiddeen Jr. Children's Library  ď


Library Hours: Open 24 Hours

NO library card required and NO late fees!!!!   :)



Talibiddeen Jr. Original Islamic Books



On this page:

Talibiddeen Jr.

Original Islamic Books


Links to Online Reading Materials/Libraries

(Islamic & Non Islamic)


Make your own Islamic library book box and book templates



Reading Material



Islamic Short Stories


Islam 4 Kids

Islamic poems, stories, and articles.


Quraan Stories

See TJ's Quraan page for Stories from the Quraan links and a list of some stories from the Quraan.




Project Gutenberg

Over 19,000 free e-texts for download!


Main Lesson

Lots of short stories

for kids














A Muslim Alphabet


Learn your English ABCs with this animated online version

of the English alphabet with an Islamic twist!

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE--re-available soon, insha Allah.

A Muslim Picnic

Learn about some foods mentioned in the Quraan and learn their names in Arabic.




A Ramadan AlphabetA Ramadan Alphabet

Online web (html) book



A Day of Fasting

Read a story about fasting during Ramadan. (PowerPoint)



Animals in the QuraanAnimals in the Quraan

Learn about some animals from the Quraan and what they are called in Arabic. Review/learn ordinal number words.

PDF    PowerPoint









I am a Muslimah

A short, online story about what it’s like to be  a little Muslimah.





I Sense Islam

I Sense Islam Cover A book about the five senses—Islamic style! (PowerPoint) 








My Little Ramadan Primer



PowerPoint Book









There is Only One God

Learn about Islam and practice counting

with this counting book for little Muslims.

PDF file  ~1.3Mb










What Does a Muslim Do?

Learn about verbs and Islam

PDF file



What Surah Am I?

PowerPoint Riddle Book.


For Kids:

Make your own Islamic mini Library!

1. Print out and put together your Islamic Book Box

2. Make your own Islamic mini books; you can use TJ's book templates to get started:

TJ Book Templates


Names of Allah, Part I mini books (set of 3 templates in one file)


Allah is:


Book 1.Al Baseer

Book 2.Al Aleem

Book 3.Al Samee'

Use with TJ's Islamic Unit Study, Names of Allah Part I located on the Islamic Unit Studies page.



Seerah of Muhammad (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam) template




(more to come, bi-ithnillah)


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Friday, October 27, 2006


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