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ï   Spelling  ï




Check the websites of elementary schools for free spelling lists by grade



Spelling/Vocabulary Activities


 Here are some activities to make spelling/vocabulary work

more interesting, meaningful, and varied, insha Allah.


1. Word Sort: sort words according to different categories such as: part of speech, phonogram, etc.

2. Alphabetize

3. Spelling Stairs: start at the bottom, add one letter at a time to complete the word.

e.g.   arrow

a r r o w

a r r o

a r r

a r



4. Write misspelled words several times (5, 10, etc)

5. Dictionary: Look up 1 (or more) word in the dictionary and write the following for it:


The guide words on its page

Part of speech


6. Categorize the words: e.g. part of speech, number of syllable, # of vowels, animals, people, etc.

You can pre-assign categories or have student fit the words into their own categories.

7. Find antonyms for the words

8. Synonyms

9. Homonyms

10. Pronunciation: Have student pronounce all the words correctly.

11. Fill in the blank with the correct word

12. Write each word in a sentence.  Try to use the grammar skill you are working on in the sentences.

13. Anagrams (How many words can you find in a bigger word?)

14. Brainstorm to find additional words that fit the spelling pattern

15. Proofread a list of words or sentences, or paragraph

16. Meaning match: match words with their correct definition

17. Plurals, write the plurals of nouns

18. Prefixes. Add prefixes to form new words.

19. Suffixes.  Add suffixes to form new words.

20. Unscramble sentences

21. Go together, what belongs, what doesn’t? In a list of words which go together.

22. Keep a journal of the misspelled words for review

23. Bingo/Cover Up

24. Tic Tac Toe (Must spell the word correctly to place your X or 0). Draw miscellaneous shapes/letters instead of X's or O's.

25. Ladder Game. Draw a ladder or stairs or other picture.  Student must spell each word correctly to move up a rung or stair or pick an apple from a tree.  Put a “treat” at the end of the course.


Paperdictation paper


Dictation/Spelling Paper

Great for dictation or spelling tests.

Primary lined; words and sentences.

Secondary (older students)





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Friday, October 27, 2006


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