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   Sample Phonics Syllabus




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Printable Copy

Part I flashcards

The  following syllabus is adapted from "Remedial Reading Drills,"

a free publication available from


I am in the process of making flashcards and lessons/other materials for this and will post them as they are complete, insha Allah.


Part I


Part I flashcards  by TJ


1 a (ă) b c d f g h j l m n p r s t x

2 o (ŏ)

3 Review of a, and o

4 i (ĭ)

5 Review of a, o, and i

6 u (ŭ)

7 Review of a, i, o, and u

8 ee (ē)

9 sh (sh)

10 oo

11 ch (ch), and tch (ch)

12 Review of ee, oo, sh, ch, and tch

13 ar (r)

14 ay (ā), and ai (ā)

15 or (r)

16 old (ōld)

17 Review of ar, or, old, ay, and ai

18 e (ĕ)

19 Review of a, o, i, u, and e

20 ea (ē)

21 oa (ō)

22 ck (k)

23 ow (΄ ), and ou (΄ )

24 Review of ea, oa, ck, ow, and ou

25 Long Vowels of a (ā), i (ī), o (ō), and u (ǔ) with Final e

26 General Review of All Preceding s

27 ing (ĭ)

28 all (l)

29 ight (īt)

30 th (th), wh (hw), and qu (kw)

31 er (r), ir (r), and ur (r)

32 Review of ing, all, ight, th, wh, qu, er, ir, and ur.

33 General Review of Part I

Test Covering Part I


Part II

34 an (ăn) in (ĭn) and un (ǔn)

35 en (ĕn), and on (ŏn)

36 ink (ĭnk), ank (ănk), and unk (ǔn)

37 Review of an, in, en, on, ink, ank, and unk.

38 ing (ĭng), ang (ăng), ong (ŏng), and ung (ǔng)

39 and (ănd), ound (' nd), and est (ĕst)

40 all (ll), ill (ĭl), and ell (ĕl)

41 Review of ing, ang, ong, ung, and ound, est, all, ill, and ell

42 Initial Consonant Combinations

43 Further Consonant Combinations

44 Review of Consonant Combinations

45 General Review of Part II

Test Covering II


Part III: Advanced Sounds

46 aw (), au (), and ew (ū. )

47 ook (), ind (īnd,), oy (oi), and oi (oi)

48 -y (ǐ), -ly (lǐ), -le (l), and ed (d,t)

49 ge (j), ce (s), ci (s), and cy (sǐ)

50 Review of aw, au, ew, ook, ind, oy, oi, -y, -ly, -le, -ed, ge, ce, ci, and -cy

51 aught (t), ough ((t), pro- (prō), and other (ŭ th ēr)

52 re- (rē), be- (bē), de- (dē) and pre- (prē)

53 -sion (shŭn), -tion (shŭn), -ation (ā shŭn), -ution (ū shŭn)

54 Review of aught, ought, pro-, other, re-, be-, pre-, -sion, -tion, and ution.

55 Review of Part III

Test Covering Part III


Part IV: Supplementary Exercises

Exceptions to Configurations Previously Taught

1 ea (ĕ)

2 ow (ō)

3 th (th)

4 ive (ǐv)

Configurations Not Previously Taught

5 kn (n), and gn (n)

6 wr (r)

7 ph (f)

8 ould (d)

9 alk (k)

10 alm (m)

11 ex (ĕx), con- (cŏn), and dis- (dǐ)

12 -ous (ŭs), and ful (fl)

13 wor (wŭr)

14 war (wr)

15 air (r), and are (r)

16 eigh (ā)

17 ie (ē)

18 Monosyllables Ending in y (ī), or ie (ī)

19 oil (ōl)

20 oe (ō)

21 o (ō) Ending, and e (ē) Ending

Word Building s and Compound Words

22 Word Building

23 ever

24 under

25 sea

26 post

27 school

28 house

29 over

30 some and come

31 where and there

32 Finel e Dropped Before Vowels

33 Final e Kept Before Vowels

34 y Changing to ies, or ied

35 Plurals

s for Letter Confusion

36 b, d, and p

37 m and n




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Friday, October 27, 2006


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