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Related Links

Excellent source for free phonics books and general reading instruction research/articles.


One of the books that I have found helpful from the site is "Remedial Reading Drills."

Even though it is geared towards remedial students, I have found it to be an excellent resource for beginning phonics students as well. The book is mainly a book of lists of words for different phonograms. If you are putting together your own phonics program, it is a big help as you can use the word lists from here and don't have to sit down and generate your own lists, as I have done so many times.  The book is sequential in that as new phonograms are introduced, the current word list  is only comprised of the one new sound and sounds that the student has already been introduced to.


TJ's Sample Phonics Syllabus and materials using this book as a basis.

Free phonics lessons/materials.

Online interactive learning materials.



If you are new to teaching phonics and perhaps don't know where to begin,

the following is an example development in phonics instruction.


Source: TEAMS Language Arts—Reading: Basic to Success, K-1

Los Angeles County Office of Education



Sample Phonics Syllabus


Also see TJ's Sample Daily Language Arts Plan for a sample anatomy of a daily phonics session.


Learning Aids

Phonograms Sound Finder

Handy pictured reference for children to use when they encounter a phonogram that they do not know or have forgotten.




Phonics flashcards.

Flashcards that correspond with "Remedial Reading Drills" (see sidebar and Sample Phonics Syllabus page.


Two sided cards. One side, phonogram; the other, a visual cue and word list.


Part I flashcards





Ok so where do you put your TJ flashcards for "safe" keeping? In a TJ Phonics Box. Cut out, fold and tape and voila---a handy storage box.










Sound Sheets.oo1

Pictures and word lists for individual phonograms


oo (1) as in boot











Paperdictation paper


Dictation/Spelling Paper


Primary lined; words and sentences.

Secondary (older students)





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