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Links and information pertaining to curricula, textbooks, etc.

There are many resources on the internet for obtaining good used textbooks.  I have purchased some new textbooks and have found that they tend to be more flashier and too busy in some cases.  Used textbooks are an inexpensive way to go, as for the most part, the basic elements of subjects , such as math have not changed.  You may have to supplement some things, for example computer technology is used more and more, but for the basics, I have found, they will do.

Used Books
Homeschool Book Depot has a variety of used textbooks at really low prices (as low as $1).

Free Books
If you live in the Philadelphia area, there is an excellent resource for FREE used textbooks!  The Greater Philadelphia Book Bank has over 3 million books, all free.  (Not all are textbooks, they have kids' books, reference books, cookbooks, etc) and if you are in the area it is well worth checking out, masha Allah.  They are open to homeschoolers on Thursdays from 10 am to 3 pm and one Saturday a month.  You may want to call to verify that they are open on the day that you plan to go.  You can get 20 free books per visit per week.
Greater Philadelphia Book Bank
3955 N 5th Street,
Philadelphia, PA 19140-3302
(215) 227-2570

 These are on the rise across the country and may be worth checking out.  They are also called virtual schools or virtual charter schools. Many provide free computers and internet access, as well as textbooks and school supplies (all free).
Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School:  For residents of Pennsylvania.  I have not tried this personally, but I know of several homeschoolers who have and to date, they are well pleased with it.  They say that it helps to provide them with structure, which is what they felt they were lacking.
If you are not a resident of Pennsylvania, you could contact K-12, the company who provides the curriculum for this  school and see in what states their curriculum is used in virtual schools, as well as obtain more information on how virtual charter schools work.