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Arabic Resources

Arabic Fonts
 Websites for learning/Practicing Arabic
Learn Arabic at   A very nice site for learning Arabic (or supplementing what you are learning.  Lots of exercises, drills, very helpful! A wide variety of learning activities. (Note: it does contain music upon entering the site). Worth checking out, insha Allah.
Fun with Arabic:  Site with nice introduction to the Arabic language and Arabic Alphabet.  Also has section of recommended Arabic resources (books, etc).  Might want to stay away from the alphabet song it has a lot of music, but other than that, it might be helpful (but not extremely).
 Suggested books for learning Arabic: I am just learning Arabic myself, and have used/am using these books with my children with success. Masha Allah.  While it is intimidating to teach something you barely know yourself, I have found that you don't need a lot of flash to teach Arabic. I tried that route and got burned out! (over and over again--worksheets, etc.).  The books below are nice, basic, inexpensive books and I think the key is to be patient and keep repeating the material over and over again and always review, insha Allah! (and ask Allah to make it easy for you!)
You can probably purchase these from the major Islamic bookstores.
Easy Steps in Quran Reading, by MELS- you can order items separately or in a set which includes a teacher's "manual" (or self-study book), student's book, tapes, flashcards, and an alphabet poster.
     The books says it is roughly for ages 7 to adult, but 5 or 6 year olds could probably do this.
Yasarnul Quran (Quran Made Easy), by Shabbir Behlim, over 100 lessons! I started using this when my daughter was 5.  
Madinah Arabic Course, Dr. V. Abdur Rahim (for older children and adults)
             Suggested Childrens' Books
My First Arabic Word Book:  An excellent book for children (and adults, too).  My children love this book.  Loaded with Arabic vocabulary, arranged by categories with an index.  Drawback: contains images. I purchased this from
  Online Translation
What is ____________ in Arabic?    Translate from English to Arabic or Arabic to English with this handy site.
   Arabic Related Downloads
Vocabulary Master:  An excellent electronic flashcard program to practice Arabic vocabulary.
                                           It comes with pre-loaded arabic lists or you can create your own lists.
   Arabic Fonts
  Recommended Software
Arabic Playhouse: nice supplementary program for learning Arabic.  My children enjoy this.
Alim: Nice program to help memorize Quran.  You can listen to Quran ayah by ayah and repeat.  Also has searchable database of hadith and Quran, very handy!

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