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 A Muslim Alphabet

 is for Allah,   
to whom we pray. . .            

is for Barakat,
 blessings from Allah

is for Caliph,  
a Muslim leader

 is for Du'aa,
to ask Allah for something

is for Eid, a very special day!
is for fasting
 in the month of Ramadan

is for Ghusl,
 to take a bath

is for hilal,
to sight the month of Ramadan

is for ibadah,
our worship to Allah

is for Juz,
a part of the Quran

is for Kabah,
where we make hajj

is for the love
 we have for Allah and Rasulullah (saws)

is for the masjid,
where we pray

is for niqab,
a veil for Muslim sisters

is for obey,
Allah and our parents

is for the pillars of islam,
there are five

is for the Quran,
the book of Allah

is for Riba,
from which we must run

is for salah,
we make five times a day

is for tawheed,
the Oneness of Allah

is for ummah,
the muslim community

is for eVerlasting,
Allah will NEVER die

is for wudu,
to clean before salah

is for eXalted,
Allah is above everything

is for yarhamukullah,
what we say when someone sneezes              


is for zakat,
 to help those in need

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