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Talibiddeen Jr.

Learning Resources for Teaching Muslim Children

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    Directory of TJ Printables



Below is a list of TJ printables.

The links will direct you to the page on which they appear.

(listing in progress, all items may not appear yet )


Book mark collection 1(Study aids)

Bookmark collection 2 (Study aids)

Bookmark collection 3 (Study aids)

Prophet's Prayer Described (Study aids)


Books (Library)

A Day of Fasting*

A Muslim Alphabet*

A Muslim Picnic*

A Ramadan Alphabet*

Animals in the Quraan*

I Am A Muslimah*

I Sense Islam*

My Little Ramadan Primer*

There Is Only 1 God

What Does A Muslim Do?

What Surah Am I?*


*(Available in PowerPoint or Web Form at this time, insha Allah they will be also be converted to PDF form soon)



Hifz Box 1(Study aids)

Kids's Islamic Library Homemade book

holder (Library)

Phonics Box (holder for flashcards)

(Phonics Home)


Charts & Posters, Signs, and Lists

Alphabet Color in Progress Charts (here)

Alphabet Picture Chart (here)

Alphabet/Vowel Learning Posters (here)

Before I Leave the House checklist(Adab)

Color Words Chart (Reading)

Daily Salaat Progress Chart(Salaat)

Duaas for Sneezing Coloring Poster(Duaas)

Duaa for Breaking the Fast (Duaas)

Duaa for Waking Up (Duaas)

Duaa for Going to Sleep (Duaas)

Duaa for entering bathroom (Duaas)

Duaa for leaving bathroom (Duaas)

Duaa for leaving the house (Duaas)

Duaa for entering the house (Duaas)

Daily Duaa Checklist (Duaas)

How to Make Wudhu Chart(Salaat)

Islamic Memorization Tracker (Study aids)

Juz Amma Progress Chart (Quraan)

Left Hand/Right Hand Reminder (Adab)

Number of Ayaah Per Surah (Quraan)

Number Words (Math)

Phonograms Sound Finder (Phonics)

Pillars of Emaan Poster(Aqeedah)

Pillars of Imaan Poster(Aqeedah)

Salaat Duaa Posters (Salaat)

Salaat/Review Checklist(Salaat)

Seeking Permission Poster (Adab)

Sewing Stuff to Do (Around the House)

Surah Completion Certificates (Quraan)

Surah Progress Chart (Quraan)

Task Instruction Sheet (Around the House)

Times of Salaat Poster

Weekly Grocery Chart (Around the House)

Weekly Household Organization Chart (Around the House)

What is Shirk? Poster (Aqeedah)

What is Tawheed? Poster (Aqeedah)

What is Worship? Poster (Aqeedah)

Wudhu Sequencing Activity(Salaat)



Composition Aids & Guides (Writing)

Writing Descriptive Sentences

Tips for Writing a Five Sentence Paragraph

Where do I start?

Great Beginnings

The Writing Game/Game Cards


Door Signs

Little Muslimah (Adab)

Little Muslim (Adab)

Umm/Abu (Adab)


Etiquette Guides

Bathroom (Adab)

Eating (Adab)


Flash Cards & Related

Blank Hifz/Flashcard templates(Study aids)

Hifz Cards (Study aids)

Hifz Box Index Tabs(Study aids)

Prophet's Prayer Described Sets(Salaat-PPD)

Usooluth Thalaatha Flashcard Sets (Usool)

Phonics Flashcards  (Phonics Home)



Science Experiment Form (Science)


Grammar (Grammar Page)

Alphabetical Order Worksheets (Islamic lists)

Parts of Speech: Prepositions review



Allah is the Creator (Aqeedah)

Greeting in Islam (Adab)

Lessons, by surah (Quraan)

Prophet's Prayer Described (Salaat-PPD)

What is the Quraan?(Quraan)

Tafsir Lessons (Quraan)

Usooluth Thalaatha (Usool)


Math Printables (Math)



Duaa Reminder Placemat(Duaas)

Hifz Helper Counter Mats (Study aids)



Sample Syllabus (Phonics-Sample Syllabus)

Phonics Box (holder for flashcards)

(Phonics Home)

Dictation/spelling paper




Laundry Color Word Tags

(Around the House)



Islamic & World History Notebook (History)



Islamic Copywork  Paper (Writing)

Dictation/spelling paper (Writing)


Penmanship Practice (Writing)

Alphabet & Word Practice

M is for Masjid

Word Practice


5 Daily Prayers

Sentence Practice

The Kabah is My Qiblah



Daily Quraan Reading Schedules (Quraan)


Teaching/Instruction Guides & Tips

Sample Daily Homeschool Language Arts

Instruction Plan (LA-Sample Daily Plan)



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Friday, October 27, 2006

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2006 Talibiddeen Jr.


Talibiddeen Jr. Materials may be freely downloaded/used

for non-commercial, educational purposes only.